Your own essays and responses will serve as major texts for this course. Additional course readings will include examples of rhetorical theory and rhetorical prowess spanning from the 4th century B.C. to last week. You can expect a wide variety of works. You will also be expected to suggest and contribute texts for our consideration.

Links to course readings will are below, arranged by week.

Week One

Book I, Chapters 1-3 in Lee Honeycutt’s Hypertext Compilation of Aristotle’s On Rhetoric
Walk through the “Trees” at Silva Rhetoriæ 

Week Two

Book III, Chapters 1, 12-19 in Lee Honeycutt’s Hypertext Compilation of Aristotle’s On Rhetoric (You may skim chapters 14-19)
How Long Do Users Stay on Webpages?
F-Shaped Pattern for Reading Web Content

Douglas Eyman, “Digital Rhetoric: Theory,” from Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice

Week Three

James Zappen, “Digital Rhetoric: Toward an Integrated Theory

Mark Prensky, “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants
Elizabeth Eisenstein, “The Unacknowledged Revolution,” from The Printing Press as an Agent of Change:   Communications and Cultural Transformations in Early-Modern Europe (on reserve)

Week Four

Browse The Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives
Wendy Bishop, “The Literacy Narrative” (on reserve)

Take a look at The Digital Rhetoric Collaborative  

Week Five

Lloyd Bitzer, “The Rhetorical Situation
Richard Vatz, “The Myth of the Rhetorical Situation

Week Six      

No readings.  Work on other projects.

Week Seven

Arguing in Type: On The Rhetoricity of Letterforms”   

Week Eight

I Love Typography (

Spring Break—No Class

Week Nine

Some time over the break, listen to at least two stories of your choice from NPR’s This I Believe ( and Story Corps ( 

Week Ten    

No readings.  Work on other projects.

Week Eleven

Carolyn Handa, Introduction + Excerpts, Visual Rhetoric in a Digital World

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods (

Week Twelve     

No readings.  Work on other projects.

Week Thirteen

Shannon Mattern “Bureaucracy’s Playthings
Vannevar Bush, “As We May Think

Trever Owens, “What Do You Mean by Archive? Genres of Usage for Digital Preservers
Kate Theimer, “Archives in Context and as Context